The benchmark in any class

Traveller is a semi-take down rifle with a quick release which makes it convenient for travelling.
Traveller is identical in all respects to the Classic DL with the addition of a means to remove the barrel without needing to first remove the stock. Two holes are provided in the right side of the stock for this purpose. Insert the wrench, slacken both screws, open the bolt and ease the barrel gently forward until the breech end clears the front of the action and lift out the barrel.



The Classic DL Traveller is an ideal choice for those who want a stable rifle for hard continuous use where functionality is paramount.

The Classic DL Traveller rifle has no compromise on quality or precision.  It is characterized by having the same great features as all Schultz & Larsen rifles are known for. Fitted with a true Schultz & Larsen cut rifled barrel, this is a top product at an extremely reasonable price.  All parts of the Classic DL Traveller are produced from the finest material using the latest technology and generations of knowledge. The unique manufacturing process that Schultz & Larsen use in their cut rifled barrels, in combination with the stress free “match-grade” barrel steel, brings a unique precision. Schultz & Larsen never compromise accuracy which in this case means that the Classic DL rifle comes with a highly accurate, top of the line, cut rifled barrel. You can compare it with any rifle on the market and immediately see that the Classic DL is way ahead of any other rifle in this price segment.

Like any other Schultz & Larsen rifle, the Classic DL Traveller has an interchangeable magazine and barrel system. In that way you have the opportunity of easily and quickly changing barrel and calibre. It is also possible to change between standard and magnum calibres, simply by changing the barrel and bolt for the magnum version

Classic DL Traveller is very convenient if you are travelling with a rifle and prefer a short compact case.
The large range of calibers together with highly accurate machining allow you to own a top class rifle at a very fair price.





Classic DL Traveller comes with a standard grade 1 stock and a removable 3-shot magazine which can be upgraded by a 5-shot magazine for those who want it. It has a highly accurate cut rifled barrel with dimensions 56 cm, and dia. Ø16 mm. and thread is M 14X1. Furthermore it has a brown pad for reducing the recyle.

Classic DL Traveller is a semi-takedown riffel which is easily and quickly seperated by the provided tool. Classic DL Traveller is prepared for slide & lock mount systems as ex. 1”, 30 mm, 34 mm, 36 mm and for Zeiss railsystem. It Den har 3 – punkts sikring med mulighed for at aflade i sikret tilstand.

With the quick release system and an average weight of just 3.4 kg, Traveller is the ideal carry rifle.

Schultz & Larsen Classic DL Traveller comes in a right handed version.

Traveller has integrated bases in the action and is also pre-drilled for traditional bases or Picatinny rail. Schultz & Larsen manufacture their own mounts and Picatinny rails in 0 MOA, 10 MOA and 20 MOA.

All parts are machined out of solid steel bar.


Classic DL Traveller is available in:


Standard caliber

22-250                 308 win

243 win                30.06

25.06                    6,5 x 284

6,5×55                  7mm-08

270 win                8X57 JS



Magnum caliber

270 WSM              7mm rem mag

300 win mag        300 WSM

338 win mag        358 N mag


An additional bolt is required when switching to magnum calibers. If you´re looking for other barrel or caliber variations, please find it here.