Our barrels are made with a very uniform twist rate. The raw material comes from a particularly strong and uniform steel material, which has been specially selected for our rifle barrels, without any regard to raw material price.



Schultz & Larsen has a proud tradition in the production of precision cut rifle barrels. We still use working techniques known way back from the company’s inception in 1889, which the weapon smiths cultivated techniques to perfection. We produce our barrels by using traditional cut rifling with every barrel individually honed with a tin lap. Our old Pratt & Whitney rifle benches honors the old gunsmith methods and that in combination with our refinement and cultivation of the techniques and methods, makes our product absolutely unique.

Our rifle barrels are individually produced and the processes we use are very quiet and very gentle, in order to add the most tension as possibly into the barrel. This way of processing a rifle barrel is absolutely the most time intensive, but also considered as the best worldwide. As long as the company has existed Schultz & Larsen has been continuously cultivating and refining all detail on the rifle barrel. A Schultz & Larsen rifle barrel goes through more than 50 different handling and working processes before the barrel is finished and ready for sale. And every single detail in all of the processes counts for the final capability of the barrel. With a cut rifle barrel from Schultz & Larsen you are guaranteed a high precision barrel and a minimum of maintenance throughout the lifetime of the barrel.