Muzzle brake

Schultz & Larsen muzzle brake is for those who want to reduce the recoil effectively. It is created in a beautiful design and is a practical and elegant solution.

Additional Information


Schultz & Larsen muzzle brakes is designed to be as light as possible, but at the same time provide a good recoil reduction. It is produced in steel and constructed symmetrically, to reduce deviations in the focal point. It is hollowed out in the core to minimize weight and to prevent the rifle from becoming “nose-heavy”.

The gas holes in the muzzle brakes are angled at 11 degrees forward, so that as a shooter you lie in the shelter of the muzzle brake. And precisely the symmetrical positioning of the gas holes ensures that the accuracy of the shot is the same or even improved. This alone because the recoil is one of the biggest factors when making precision shooting.

Note: It is recommended to use ear protectors when using muzzle brakes. Likewise, to pay attention to the shooter placed next to it, in this sound this path is directed at shot-winding.

The muzzle brakes are available for the following caliber and thread types.