Thunderdome is directed to the shooter who wants to shoot long shoots or who use large Magnum calibres. The silencer is one of the strongest and most effective dampers on the market. The Thunderdome provides optimum heat resolution and recoil attenuation. It is recommended for both standard calibers and magnum calibers. Thunderdome is the uncompromising choice compared to all parameters, except for the weight. The completely symmetrical structure of the silencer makes the chance of increased precision optimal. In addition, all our silencers have so much recoil dampening that they are a pleasure to use. When you use Schultz & Larsen Thunderdome, you'll find your accuracy improved.

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Additional Information

The Thunderdome silencer is produced from high-strength aluminum and consists of a rear chamber, a front chamber and 6 rotary vane elements with built-in stainless steel-conuses. The Thunderdome has a built-in Duo-Brake and is available both as a telescopic and front mounted. The entire Dome range differs from other silencers on the market, by having a significantly larger volume in the rear chamber. This reduces the pressure so that the powder gas is dropped out of the silencer more slowly and thus achieves a significantly better sound attenuation. The rear chamber is made of one piece of aluminium without joints. The front chamber wraps duo-Brake, which reduces the wear of the silencer and duo-Brake gives the threaded double support to avoid the damper being struck skewed between the threaded flange and pipe flange. In addition, Duo-Brake causes the silencer to be further tightened at the release of the shot by means of the powder gas. This results in a self-angler effect on the damper. The modules are equipped with stainless steel inserts to reduce wear and tear. The Dome series has very close-fitting fins, which means that the powder gas has to go through several chambers and therefore provides good sound attenuation. The Thunderdome comes standard with 6 modules. For further dampening it is possible to buy and install additional 5 modules. The surface of the silencer is black eloxated to protect the surface of the sound attenuator against corrosion.

Installation and Maintenance

The Thunderdome is available with a range of different thread sizes, depending on the size of the rifle pipe. It fits all rifle pipes that have a diameter up to ø22 mm. The silencer is easily installed without the use of tools. It is screwed on the pipe until it meets its flange. Only then is the silencer corrected and it will sit straight and centered. The above is under the premise that the rifle pipe thread is correctly rotated by a gun maker. The sound attenuate requires a minimum of maintenance. After use, detach the silencer to wipe it off if necessary. Condensation and rainwater. After approx. 300 shots use a brass or copper brush in oversize to release any Powder residue around the inner hole, then vacuumed from both ends. All of the Dome silencers are controlled and tested by specially trained specialist personnel for control of the accuracy.

WARNING! Be aware that the silencer can reach extremely high heat degrees, so you should not touch it after a long series of shots.