TMD 35

TMD 35 is a modular telescopic silencer that is only recommended for standard calibers. It is especially popular on the smaller calibers, as it has a low weight and does not fill so much. TMD 35 is economically the best silencer on the market when looking at damping in relation to price.

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Additional information

The silencer is made of high strength aluminum and is equipped with stainless steel inserts that protect the base material. TMD 35 is available as both telescopic and front mounted. It is supplied as standard with 9 modules and it is therefore possible to remove modules on the muffler to achieve an even lower weight. On the other hand, if additional damping is desired, it is possible to purchase and install additional 5 modules. The muffler consists of a rear chamber, an anterior chamber and 9 lamella elements with built-in stainless steel cones, and a lid. TMD 35 has very tight fitting lamellae, which means that the powder gas has to pass through several chambers and therefore gives an excellent sound attenuation. The surface of the silencer is black anodized to protect the surface of the silencer against corrosion.


Assembly and maintenance

TMD 35 is available with a variety of thread sizes, depending on the thread of the rifle.

It fits all rifles that have a diameter up to Ø20 mm.

The silencer is easily mounted without the use of tools. It is screwed onto the pipe until it meets its flange. Only then is the muffler straightened and it will sit straight and centered. The above is under the assumption that the thread of the rifle pipe is correctly rotated by a gunsmith.

The silencer requires a minimum of maintenance. After use, remove the muffler to dry it for any. condensation and rainwater. After approx. 300 shots are used a brass or copper brush in oversize to release any. potting residues around the inner hole, after which vacuuming from both ends.

The TMD 35 silencer is controlled and specimen-mounted by specially trained professionals for checking the straightness.



WARNING! Be aware that the muffler can reach extremely high degrees of heat, so you should not touch it after prolonged firing series.