Ultra Venom

The ultimate moderator for those who want the best of the best. The Ultra Venom is constructed using the latest silencer technology and breaks with the traditional moderator types.

The moderator inner core is made of high-strength aluminium in a single piece. This particular construction permits the projectile to be closer in size to the hole through the silencer, so that the propellent gas runs symmetrically and considerably more effectively than in other silencers.

Over-barrel and Front mounted

Ultra Venom is available in both over-barrel and front mounted, both versions with Duo-Brake, Which really comes into its own in this design. With the Venom silencer you get maximum sound reduction, minimal recoil and super precision.

Here there is no compromise anywhere in terms of performance, functionality and appearance. Attenuator low weight and minimalist, stylish exterior, make sure your rifle retains its aesthetic appearance.

Ultra Venom is the latest silencer from Schultz & Larsen and an alternative to the popular “Dome” series.